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California's state assembly has introduced two new Bills designed to curb the illegal cannabis market in the state by targeting black market distributors and landlords with heavy fines - up to $50,000 daily.

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Recreational use of marijuana was legalized in the state of Vermont in 2018, following similar measures to do the same for medical marijuana in 2004. While the bill passed by Vermont’s legislature lacked details on regulating sales and taxation of legal marijuana, regulations on the labeling and packaging of medical and recreational cannabis were established. 

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Recreational marijuana remains illegal in the District of Columbia, but the territory does allow medical marijuana - as long as no product is consumed, smoked, or otherwise used on Federal land. All medical marijuana containers in DC are required to be labeled with:

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Maine legalized recreational use of marijuana with the 2016 ballot initiative, Question 1, which was finally put into law in 2017 when opponents of the decision admitted defeat. As legalization went into effect, regulation was required, and Maine has developed a robust series of packaging and labeling laws around marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

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Cannabis has been legal for adult recreational use in Alaska since 2015, thanks to the passing of the state’s Measure 2 in 2014. This measure permitted the possession of marijuana flower, mature and immature plants, and other marijuana-infused products, as well as introducing regulations for the packaging and labeling of marijuana products. Any marijuana or marijuana products sold in Alaska must be

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