How to Stay Compliant with Maine’s Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging Rules

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How to Stay Compliant with Maine’s Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging Rules

Maine legalized recreational use of marijuana with the 2016 ballot initiative, Question 1, which was finally put into law in 2017 when opponents of the decision admitted defeat. As legalization went into effect, regulation was required, and Maine has developed a robust series of packaging and labeling laws around marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

How to Stay Compliant with Maine’s Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging Rules

These regulations were added to the Food and Drugs section of Maine’s state law under Chapter 558-C, section 2429, and declares that harvested marijuana and edible marijuana-infused products must be prepackaged in child-resistant and tamper-evident packaging that is also opaque. Liquid marijuana products must be sealed in a child-resistant cap and contain integral measurements on the bottle. 

Labels are prohibited from resembling pre-existing brands; using any imagery or cartoonish fonts that might appeal to children; depicting animals, fruit, or children; and must disclose contaminants as well as the cannabinoid profile or potency of the harvested marijuana or marijuana product. Additionally, marijuana products in Maine must display the Universal Symbol and Not Safe For Kids icons on-label as well. 

Due to their regional proximity, Maine and Massachusetts have agreed to use the same Universal Symbols on their packaging. Their shared Universal Symbol is a red triangle containing a marijuana leaf and the words “CONTAINS THC” beneath, while the Not Safe For Kids logo is designed to resemble a stop sign. 

CONTAINS THC and NOT FOR KIDS labels of Maine and Massachusetts

In order to assure your full compliance with Maine’s packaging and labeling, make sure to consult fully with Maine’s Official State Regulations (a downloadable Word document).

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