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7 Best Cannabis Packaging Ideas

cannabis packaging ideas

The infamous marijuana leaf is the worldwide symbol of 420 friendliness. Although it's cliche, many businesses use this logo to package cannabis products.

If you want your product to stand out, you might be wondering, how do I design unique custom mylar bags and CBD packaging boxes? There are many ways to customize and optimize your cannabis packaging to attract more customers.

Here are 7 awesome cannabis packaging ideas - that go beyond the classic leaf.

1. Ensure They Are Child-Proof

Creating packaging with safety in mind is one of the most important factors to consider when

Child-resistant cannabis packaging is pretty much a non-negotiable if you want to have success with your marijuana branding business. Many cannabis-infused products can look like candy and be tempting for children, and so creating safe packaging is an absolute must.

In fact, candy conglomerate Wm Wrigley Jr. Co. recently filed lawsuits against various companies that produced cannabis-infused candies that mimicked the look of their own products, including Skittles and Starburst.

Child-safe packaging is likely to give people more peace of mind having cannabis products in their homes.

2. Make Your Package Stands Out on Shelves

In order to be successful in the market, you must ensure that your packaging design stands out on shelves. When someone looks at your product, all of their senses must be engaged.

Naturally, the first thing that a shopper will notice is the look of your package. It should look appealing and pleasing to the eye. You can use color to evoke certain emotions and use typography that fits your brand's personality.

You also want to ensure that your product is pleasing to the touch. It is said that once we have a tactile connection with a product, we are much more likely to buy it. Research shows that touching a product creates future recollection of it.

Make sure that your package is pleasant to the eyes, as well as the touch.

3. Incorporate Technology and Social Media

Using social media to your advantage is a no-brainer in any industry. It's a way to connect to your shoppers and broaden your reach to engage new customers.

Technology allows you to connect your product with a multitude of other information with just the click of a button (or a scan or a QR code). You can make your packaging interactive where your label leads to other fun customer engagement.

For example, a customer can scan your package and get information videos, cannabis-infused recipes, origins of the plant they've purchased, or safety precautions. The interactive options are endless.

You can use all of the social media platforms to share information about your products, your mission, and your team. This creates an emotional connection and investment from your customers and followers.

4. Stay True to Your Brand's Personality

If you are new to the cannabis game, you have free range when it comes to the artistic directions and design of your product.

You want to establish the personality of your brand. What is your mission, your vision, your ethos? Your cannabis packaging labels will reflect all of these.

Even the colors that you choose will be reflective of what your brand represents. Choose colors that have positive emotional associations and ones that represent your brand.

Customers will notice and appreciate the authenticity of the brand and create a positive association when they see your packaging.

5. Customize Your Packaging with Custom Mylar Bags

Custom cannabis packaging is the ultimate marketing for your cannabis brand. It shows off your logo, elevates your brand, and tells the customer something about who you are as a company.

Mylar bags are the best packaging options for cannabis products. They protect against moisture, light, and insects. They extend the shelf life of products by creating an oxygen barrier.

You can get custom printed mylar bags for your cannabis products with CannaSundries is your best source for custom printed mylar bags. Our bags have child-resistant zippers and our bags are ready to be customized with your logo.

6. Green Product + Green Packaging

Going green is not only on-brand for any cannabis company, but it is also great for the environment. Regardless of your target market, packaging your products with sustainability in mind is always well received.

You want your packaging to be eco-friendly, reusable, recycled, or easy to recycle. This says something about your brand and the values behind it. Before a customer gets to know your brand better, the green light already speaks volumes about your company's ethos.

You also want your products to have natural and organic ingredients. Listing your ingredients on the back of your package is socially responsible and more enticing when the ingredients are natural.

If you are looking for cannabis packing companies, CannaSundries offers biodegradable bags to lessen the waste that comes from cannabis packaging. We are dedicated to practices that help the environment and the planet.

7. Share Your Brand Aspects

Each brand has its own story about quality, method of cultivation, extraction, and is free from pesticides. Build these key features into visible queues on your packaging. Our team at Canna Sundries has worked with over 100+ cultivators and dispensaries so by working with a partner like us you can glean what works and what doesn’t. Our team can help to elevate your brand


Buying Marijuana Packaging

Now that you know the best cannabis packaging ideas, you may be wondering, where can I buy the best marijuana packaging wholesale?

Canna Sundries offers cannabis packaging solutions for all of your company's needs. We are an online wholesale supplier, specializing in custom packaging.

We offer everything from custom child-safe mylar bags, handle bags, jars, matchsticks, and more. Our customized, branded merchandise can help you advertise your brand.

We work with dispensaries, smoke shops, and independent companies, and offer over 17 years of promotional experience.

The Toke-away on Cannabis Packaging Ideas

The packaging of your product is one of the most vital parts of ensuring success in the cannabis industry. You want your package to stand out, convey your brand's personality, and engage with your potential customers. With these awesome cannabis packaging ideas, like custom mylar bags, you are ready to market some good ole cannabis.

For cannabis packaging solutions and awesome cannabis branding merchandise, be sure to check out our website.