PreRoll Cones

Preroll Cones

Why put your amazing flower into branded cones that do not have your logo? For the same price as other prerolled cones, CannaSundries offers wholesale prerolled cones printed with your logo on the tips. Our prerolled cones are the smoothest burning and tasting pre-roll cones you can get made from all-natural materials. Social media plays a key role in the discovery of brands and if you are not selling your prerolls branded then you are missing a big opportunity for new customer growth and scaling your brand. With custom branded preroll cones your brand will get great visibility and attention across social media on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and beyond.

 As your source for wholesale prerolled cones, we can provide them blank or imprinted and in the three most popular sizes. We offer them in 83 mm (0.5 gram), 98 mm (0.75 gram) and 110 mm (1 gram) sizes and in bleached or unbleached hemp paper. Our wholesale prerolled cones are case-packed one thousand per carton. Standard delivery time for branded orders is four to five weeks after proof and order approvals.

 CannaSundries has sold over 1,000,000 custom-prerolled cones to some of the best cannabis and CBD brands across the United States. Contact our sales team today to begin your order or request samples to test. We are confident that you and your customers will enjoy our custom prerolled cones. We offer custom wholesale prerolled cones starting at 50,000 pieces and have the capability to produce millions monthly for your brand.