Child-Resistant Boxes

Why Use Child-Resistant Boxes?


If you are filling and selling cartridges that contain THC then chances are your state requires a box that is child-resistant to put the cartridges into. It is essential for brands to err on the side of caution and pack their cartridges for live resin and oil inside of child-resistant boxes which have this feature. The most common child-resistant feature is a side button that requires enough pressure to press and then a coordinated effort to remove the tray or inner box. 


Cardboard is Not the Only Option

A recent trend that is growing in usage is metal tins that are child resistant as well. This type of child-resistant box is ideal for packaging pre-roll cones, edibles, mints, and other cannabis and CBD products. While metal tins cost more, it is a packaging solution that will stick around long after the consumer is done with the contents. This will aid brand recall long beyond the initial purchase date and help to build brand loyalty. Typically, metal hinge tins are made to be child-resistant with either metal notches that require enough pressure to open or buttons on the exterior that require enough pressure to pass child-resistant testing protocols. The inside of the metal tin box is normally fitted with either a plastic or silicone tray to fit up to five pre-roll cones or a fixed quantity of edible gummies, chocolates, or mints.


The CannaSundries team can design and create child-resistant boxes perfect for cartridges, syringes, vape batteries, etc. There is no idea we are not willing to tackle, and we have many mold designs that will be sure to meet your packaging needs.