Concentrate Jars

Concentrate Jars for Shatter, Butter, and Other Forms of Concentrate


One of the most popular forms of cannabis now are concentrates. This type of cannabis is in dispensaries by many names including shatter, butter, diamonds, and more. Typically, the product has a remarkably high amount of THC in the range of 80% or higher which is why they are known as concentrates. These products are typically inhaled through a dab rig whereby the product is heated by a flame in a chamber and vaporized which is then inhaled to attain the intended effect of the product. 


Child-Resistant Concentrate Jars Ensure Compliance

The concentrate products are typically sold in low volumes such as 0.5 g and 1.0 g jars with a child-resistant lid that is exceedingly difficult for children to open. Ensuring your concentrate jars are child-resistant is necessary for packaging concentrates. While these jars are typically too small to print or label on the sides like other cannabis flower jars the most popular way is to insert the jar into a small fold and tuck box or into a slide box with an EVA foam insert. CannaSundries can offer the entire packaging solution from concentrate jar, lid, and box. Brands that are investing in customer loyalty are purchasing these packaging solutions that help them stand out from their competition inside often crowded dispensary display cases.  


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