How to Stay Compliant With Oklahoma’s Child-Resistant Packaging Requirements

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How to Stay Compliant With Oklahoma’s Child-Resistant Packaging Requirements

While several states in the USA have ratified legislation allowing for the medical use of marijuana within their borders, including Oklahoma, each state’s policy differs in ways both large and small from the next. It is important for each state’s dispensaries to understand the regulations that govern their specific area of sales, especially when it comes to ensuring that packaging is child-resistant.

As medical marijuana products, namely edibles, have become more ubiquitous, concerns about childhood exposure have risen. It is important to ensure that packaging in Oklahoma follows rules to ensure child-resistance, from toning down colorful labels to ensuring that any marijuana products are sealed in child-resistant packaging. 

In terms of the specific regulations governing cannabis sales, the “Packaging and Labeling” section of Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Control Program regulations state that:

  1. Labels and packages may not be attractive to minors.
  2. Packaging must contain a label that reads: "Keep out of reach of children."
  3. All medical marijuana and medical marijuana products must be packaged in child resistant packages.
  4. Label must contain a warning that states "Women should not use marijuana or medical marijuana products during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects."

Labeling is also required to include information on the cultivator, i.e. name and address, an official batch number, and the net quantity of contents. In addition, different types of cannabis products require different alerts and warnings on their packaging.

For example, flower packaging is required to note the strain, weight, and type of marijuana, as well as clarifying the THC dosage (milligrams per unit). Vaporizer extracts follow the same rules as flower, but also require the addition of safe use instructions. Similarly, concentrates must contain safe use instructions for medical dosing. 

As previously noted, edibles are a specific concern of child-resistance provisions. Edible packaging cannot include colorful graphics, but must include a complete list of ingredients, nutritional information, and warnings about any and all potential food allergens. 

Third-party vendors can be a vital resource in acquiring the right packaging for your venue - a valuable mix of scalability for different levels and minimizing risk to the dispensary - but it remains as important as ever to ensure accuracy and compliance with your area’s unique legal restrictions. 

If your dispensary or other manufacturing facility is in need of custom-printed packaging for your products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at CannaSundries. 

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