How to Stay Compliant with New York’s Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging Rules

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How to Stay Compliant with New York’s Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging Rules

While recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in New York, the state legalized a medical marijuana program in 2014. As cannabis use is still strictly medical, rules and regulations have been put in place to ensure the safe and secure packaging and labeling of marijuana and marijuana-infused products.

How to Stay Compliant with New York’s Child-Resistant Marijuana Packaging Rules

Per New York’s Medical Marijuana Program Provisions,

“The registered organization shall package the approved medical marihuana product such that it is child-resistant, tamper-proof/tamper-evident, light-resistant, and in a resealable package that minimizes oxygen exposure.”

Additionally, labels are required to include:

  • the name, address and registration number of the registered organization;
  • the medical marihuana product form and brand designation;
  • the single dose THC and CBD content for the product set forth in milligrams (mg);
  • the medical marihuana product lot unique identifier (lot number or bar code);
  • the quantity included in the package;
  • the date packaged;
  • the date of expiration of the product;
  • the proper storage conditions;
  • language stating:
    • “Medical marihuana products must be kept in the original container in which they were dispensed and removed from the original container only when ready for use by the certified patient”;
    • “Keep secured at all times”;
    • “May not be resold or transferred to another person”;
    • “This product might impair the ability to drive”;
    • “KEEP THIS PRODUCT AWAY FROM CHILDREN (unless medical marihuana product is being given to the child under a practitioner’s care”); and
    • “This product is for medicinal use only. Women should not consume during pregnancy or while breastfeeding except on the advice of the certifying practitioner, and in the case of breastfeeding mothers, including the infant’s pediatrician.”

These labels must also be approved by the New York State Department of Health before they can be utilized. 

While New York does not currently require a so-called “Universal Symbol” like other states as of yet, the governors of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey met in October 2019 for a summit to discuss potentially ratifying a shared warning symbol as Maine and Massachusetts share. In the meantime, it may be worth keeping an eye on New York’s Medical Marijuana Program page on the Department of Health website. 

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